Friday, September 12, 2008

The new cd

Hello there : i had almost forgotten how to access this blog it has been so long i'm sure that you thought we had disappeared of the face of the earth! we had hoped to be finishing our new about now but as Gibson says "things wuz ah agin us", William our Cd producer was unable to get started our Cd as his father became ill and sadly passed away some months ago.. he and his father were very close and William set all recording aside to do what he could for his dad and rightly so!..Gibson then had his USA holiday.. but he returned with a couple of strange instruments and sunburn ! we were in the recording studio and started our eighth song one or two are finished and the others at various stages of completion..we are going to release one or two for the radio stations to play as a little preview and i will also publish them on this site in the next couple of weeks .. we are busy putting the Cd booklet together with pictures etc. of old things and new so things are brave an busy ! weel tak tae ye soon ! tha low country boys

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We have been over at studio 19 ~ ( the studio where we record ) and have and had a chat with William who produces our recordings... he says that he will be able to start work on our new Cd next week so we are excited and putting material together ! we will keep you informed as to our progress and will have a wheen o clips uploaded..send any Ulster ~ Scots Gospel songs, stories, poems etc. you might come across to Gibson or Ivan .. thanks lcb's.

Monday, March 3, 2008

blind fellowship booking


hello there all the folk who were at Ballybeen blind fellowship gathering with the low country are a couple of photo's of the event !..Dougal, Thomas and Grant are the 3 is a little camera shy ! seeing we are having a dog is a snap of my ain dug, by the name o speedy...favourite pastime...gatherin up the kettle !

Sunday, March 2, 2008

last couple of weeks

we have had some amazing foggy mornin sunrises in the last couple of weeks.. this was a few days ago looking over the fields to ballyeasborough.. a little hamlet in the low country co. down

Monday, February 25, 2008

hello there...i am sure all the folk that attended the low country boys booking at corr's corner are wondering what on earth is taking them so long to upload a couple of pictures ! well , downloading ,uploading, modems, hard drives, http's... it's all a foreign language to me ! ...
i wonder what happens when you press this ? oops !